Branding Ming Starr

Branding your way to a $500 000 a year income

Do you know your yearly income? Many independent escorts enjoy a healthy 6 figure annual income and rightfully so as I’ve assisted companions in achieving $9500-$10 000 per week.



Branding is powerful. Branding involves creating a strong and recognizable identity clients learn to trust, embrace and acknowledge. It builds meaningful relationships between a business and client leading to an increase in purchases, referrals, satisfaction and repeat business.


Too many times, escorts fall into the rut-posting photos on random sites, directories and forums. They exacerbate their efforts by sending this traffic to cheap looking websites that  only attract a certain type of clientele (cheapos). These clients want every service under the sun but are not prepared to pay your donation. Why? Because of the way you present yourself (image).

Branding Ming Starr

Branding Ming Starr

Trolling on sites where every companion under the sun is looking to undercut you is the best way to attract discount hungry clients.

Understand that your client has many options to choose from. At the end of the day, he will most likely go with whoever is cheapest and will fulfill his requests. The only available solutions are downgrading your pay rate or including extra services – A loosing situation for you.

 Testimonial & Success Story
 ” MJ has been my web designer/manager to my Independent Escort business for many years now. I have drove her crazy at times with my numerous emails on how I wanted everything to be, picture editing, changing my mind on ideas of designs, changing phone numbers, adding of new pictures, etc. But she still put up with me! She is, by far the most AMAZING web designer I have ever met. She has an awesome and very positive attitude about everything. She always looks out for her clients best interest and puts you first. I would not be where I am today in my business as a Independent SP without MJ. She has brought me great success and clientele.  I couldnt be more satisfied. THANK YOU MJ !
-Ming Starr


I do recall of one independent escort who summed it up best. CREAM = CASH RULES EVERYTHING AROUND ME.

Why is it that so many independent escorts and agencies are racking up so much money without even trying that hard? They always seem to be doing extremely well yet they don’t appear to be as desperate as others. Heck, you might even say that some aren’t even as attractive as you are but somehow they manage to outshine you leaps and bounds in income. For these girls, business becomes recession proof – there are no SLOW PERIODS.

Mia Leon: A classy Vancouver based escort

Mia Leon: A classy Vancouver based escort

Over the years, I developed strong relationships with independent escorts and escort agencies. As result, I learned what works and what doesn’t. Always in step with an ever changing escort industry and online experience, I prepare you for whatever technological hurdles you may encounter. Don’t have a mobile version of your current website? I’ve got you covered. Need a professional website that speaks class, glamor and luxury? P100 has you covered. Seeking a way to contact your clients about scheduling changes, upcoming tours, new photos or newsletter? I’ve got the tools you need to look like a pro while maintaining image consistency throughout every step.
Branding is what ties everything together. Your websites, mobi website, newsletter, business cards, email responses, Twitter and Facebook webpage will retain the same professionalism, look and feel. This is what high paying clients expect. Anything less and you’re attracting the cheapos. If you don’t take your business seriously, why should they?

This is only the tip of the iceberg. Many considerations need to be considered which cannot be addressed during the scope of this article.

Testimonial & Success Story
“Being brand new to the huge Independent Escort scene In Vancouver B.C. Not knowing where to start. Mj was awesome, and super helpful from the beginning; She always kept a positive attitude, and had a way of knowing Just what to do! She 1st referred me to a great photographer; everything was always friendly, and professional, On both ends! Through the whole process !AND A BONUS – I always new what was going on, somehow, Through a few emails back and forth, she created a beautiful classy website, That I couldn’t be happier with! I would definitely recommend P100 To anybody who needed Anything unique & classy!”-Justine
Branding Lady Via

$10 000 a week is no fairy tale for some


It’s difficult to know where many girls go wrong. Unfortunately many do not live up to their potential and undermine themselves. I’ve seen many pretty girls get into the industry, launch a mediocre site and upload a few photos to random sites in hope of success – For many this $1500 per week lifestyle is sufficient, however I am deeply saddened knowing that the same girl can easily earn up to $9500-$10000 per week if she only took the right action.  I take the time to listen to your desires and needs and streamline my efforts to making this a reality.


Here’s a fact. In less than a month a small time earner will double their income. Time and time again I’ve witnessed this and can almost guarantee it.

It always amazes me how little money is needed for someone to double or even triple their earnings. It’s a no brainer to me. The cost of proper branding literally pays for itself within a few hours.

Do not sell yourself short. You deserve the best.

How badly do you want to earn $10 000 a week? Take the first step and contact me at

Double or triple your income. Get started now!

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