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Branding Ming Starr

Branding your way to a $500 000 a year income

Do you know your yearly income? Many independent escorts enjoy a healthy 6 figure annual income and rightfully so as I’ve assisted companions in achieving $9500-$10 000 per week. How? BRANDING: Branding is powerful. Branding involves creating a strong and recognizable identity clients learn to trust, embrace and acknowledge. It builds meaningful relationships between a […]


Vancouver’s Best Escort Glamour Photography

Vancouver’s escort glamour photography dream team P100 is back with exciting photography to kick start your business. A resurgence of high end photos circulating on twitter is sparking new interest among the Vancouver companion elite. Clients express their appreciation for a growing number of classy and professional photo-shoots while sharing their favorites among social media. […]


Photo Touch Ups: Is It Cheating?

Recently at a daytime luncheon, a colleague brought up the subject of photographic touch ups after pointing out a noticeable botched photoshop model on the front cover of a popular fashion magazine. We then got into a discussion about what constitutes A discussions about glamor touch ups versus over-exaggeration quickly ensued. Before, starting my own […]


The Power Of The Online Makeover

“Before, I’d average 4 calls a day and hustled my butt off to make ends meet. Now,  since my massive online makeover, I get more calls than I can manage, earn a higher donation and work only 2 days a week!” Every month, an email such as this one lands in my inbox from a […]

A clutter free site helps visitors greatly.

Escort website evaluation

ESCORTS WEBSITE EVALUATION Here we take a detailed look at your escorting website. Does it appeal to your demographics? Are your web pages loading times quick and site navigation clear? Is your contact information readily available and are you employing key words effectively? Firstly, to answer these questions, you will need to keep track of your traffic. This simply refers […]

escort advertising

Stretching your advertising dollar

Tired of sitting by a silent phone? Looking to get that phone ringing off the hook? Make advertising your best friend and bring your business to the next level. Having a website and carving out an online presence does not necessarily translate to more income. Specifically, traffic is important and not surprisingly enough, it comes at a […]

escort website optimization

Escort website optimization

Getting your escort web site to appear on the first page of Google! Does your head hurt? After being beaten over the head countless times about S.E.O (Search Engine Optimization), it’s hard to believe you can still see clearly to read!  How do you get all that visitor traffic flocking to your escort /agency website. […]

escort domain names

Choosing the right domain name for you

So you’ve decided to take the plunge and take your business to the web. Now comes the fun part- choosing a domain name! .com VS .ca We’ve all come regard .com domain names as a default and if they are available, then by all means, jump on it. However, if you find yourself out of […]

Just Hot Blondes gallery

Gallery glam for more bookings

GALLERY GLAM FOR MORE BOOKINGS Effectively using your escort photo gallery is your way of closing the deal. You must use every promotional tactic available to push your client over the edge and get him or her to pick up the phone or send an email. Leaving your mark. Lightly watermarking EVERY one of your photos is […]


Is your site mobile phone compatible?

MOBILITY FOR INCREASED VISIBILITY You can thank the iPhone and a host of other mobile appliances with surf friendly interfaces for the popularity of mobile web browsing. Think of the number of visitors and transient tourists making use of their mobile devices. As a result, your marketing efforts should include the creation of a mobile friendly […]

escort webdesigner

Escort template websites vs custom made website

ESCORT TEMPLATE WEBSITES VS CUSTOM  MADE WEBSITES This week P100 tries to answer the question, which is best? – Escort template websites or custom made escort website.  For those living under a rock for the past few years here is a brief description of what a template website really is. Template website definition: Web templates […]