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Escort template websites vs custom made website


This week P100 tries to answer the question, which is best? – Escort template websites or custom made escort website.  For those living under a rock for the past few years here is a brief description of what a template website really is.

Template website definition:
Web templates can be used to set up any type of website. In its simplest sense, a web template operates similarly to a form letter for use in setting up a website. Web templates can be used by any individual or organization to set up their website. Once a template is purchased or downloaded, the user will replace all generic information included in the web template with their own personal, organizational or product information.
Here are a few websites offering templates websites.

Custom designed websites:
On the other hand, custom made websites are sites which embody what templates have to offer but may go a step further in offering its users flexibility, freedom and a  stroke of originality. Such sites are designed by web design firms or individuals possessing web design skills. Let’s look at the pros and cons of both template and custom designs.

template sites

Template sites often look boring and generic

Over the years,  the internet has proven to be the place where do it “yourselfers” can start an escorting  business with minimal help from anyone. Not a pro at HTML? Template websites provide you with a user friendly interface, the ability to upload your photos and somewhat tweak its design to accommodate your needs. On the contrary, one is limited to only what the template can do. Want your site to grab the top spots of search engines? Good luck doing that with a template site. Want to remove that pesky add for “hot girls in your neighborhood” hovering above the page of your template site? No can do. Unfortunately, these restrictions and limitations are a burden, especially when attempting to distance yourself from your competitors.

Surprisingly, an interesting phenomenon occurs when you find yourself using a template website. If a customer has unpleasant experience with an escort they contacted via a template site, that experience alone will tarnish any future users of a template site. The reason being that quite often, the template sites possess that inflexible and instantly recognizable design and layout therefor reminding the customer of their negative experience. This works through the process of association. It’s almost like being guilty by association.

escort webdesigner

custom made escort sites get more attention

Another drawback to using a template site is that other website owners rarely wish to link to them.  In short, link exchanges are your best method for steadily climbing widely used search engines such as Google and Yahoo. Webmasters are aware that swapping links with template sites may set them back considerably. Without going into too much detail, linking a template site to a custom made site only improves the ranking of the template site company and not YOUR template web pages.

Templates can be what you need to get your business started. If you’re new to the escorting game and possess limited funds, template sites are a great way to get things starting. Customize your new money maker to represent you. In addition a few of these sites, may provide traffic to your new cookie cutter website therefor minimizing the pressures of placing adds that may eat into your profits. Moreover, you need not worry about registering for a domain name, web hosting headaches and the whole lot. Lastly, you can update your site whenever you want without having to consult your webmaster as is the case with several custom built websites.  The bottom line is that template websites are a temporary stepping stone.

custom made website

Custom made websites do stand out

Custom escort websites can vary in price. Usually, the more reputable companies are costlier. Committing to having a custom website  might prompt you to frequently email  your webmaster for updates. This means updates aren’t completed when you need them. This is why it is important to choose a webdesign company that can provide you with the tools necessary to administer updates on your own in the form of a Client Admin. Put simply, with this option, you can do as you please, whenever you so desire.
In case you wish to own your own escort website , then you need to put a little thought into domain name registration protocols, hosting packages, html, optimization and potential hackers. All of these considerations can bring stress to the table. Select a design company that can handle these tasks. Don’t get it wrong, learning new skills is always exciting, however for the eager, many of these task require a rather lengthy learning curve. No matter how bright you are, it simply can’t be achieved overnight.

A good web designer or webdesign firm ensures that your brand remains consistent throughout your marketing efforts. Ideally, you would want your website, email reply, banners, newsletter notices and even social media pages to carry the same theme. If you’re escort website features pink and diamonds, then so should ALL of your online communications. After all these elements are part of your branding image and clients begin recognizing your brand on the internet. That’s one more thing which separates you from your competitors and carves a unique identity among your online visitors. Good luck achieving this with a template site.

Unique customizable website may open new doors and supply you with lucrative opportunities. This all depends on whether or not you decide to grant that task to a well established company. For one, take the time to run searches for qualified web design companies or individuals. Scrutinize their portfolio and ask the right questions.

Here are a few things you should inquire about:

  • Years in business?
  • Request to view latest projects
  • Admin for you to administer your own updates (update new gallery,text,notices)
  • Maintenance fees?
  • How long for your updates to take effect?
  • Do they offer Search Engine Optimization? Request proof. There are ways for them to show you.
  • Do they provide Escort Management and Marketing
  • Cost – hidden fees
  • Hosting
  • Do they provide you with a strategy for a successful escort website launch ?

The obvious advantage here is the uniqueness offered to you. A customizable escort website with your own domain name can work wonders for your business. Some escort webdesign companies may go the distance by ensuring a successful site launch. Typically, these companies are affiliated with a network therefor  giving you the exposure necessary. Generally, the first few days of a successful launch usually translate to making enough money to pay for the site thus making a custom design a great investment.  The fine folks at had this to say “ Its not uncommon for our clients to experience a high volume of calls at the launch of their site – We strive to give our clients the confidence, mass public appeal and popularity needed to be competitive in this ever changing industry

Once your custom design website is up and running, give yourself a big fat raise! Legitimacy and image is the name of the game here and a unique site let’s you raise your hourly donation. Talk about serious inflation! It’s been noted that several escorts charge an additional 25% just from launching a new custom site. So bumping up from $200 to $250/hr overnight is not unheard of. It’s all about how you market yourself as your clients don’t even bat an eye at your newly jacked up rates.

As previously mentioned, the escorting industry is ever changing. The career of your typical escort goes through a multitude of phases at different points. Necessities and budgets evolve and so these factors determine what choices you will make. All in all, both options provide the working professional escort with tools for additional income, stability and popularity.  The choice is yours!

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