A clutter free site helps visitors greatly.

Escort website evaluation

Here we take a detailed look at your escorting website. Does it appeal to your demographics? Are your web pages loading times quick and site navigation clear? Is your contact information readily available and are you employing key words effectively? Firstly, to answer these questions, you will need to keep track of your traffic. This simply refers to monitoring what links your visitors are clicking on. Using a simple stats counter can help you with this.

Neat and well thought out websites are the way to go

Neat and well thought out websites are the way to go

Clutter central:
One common mistake several escort website possess is redundancy. Most escorting websites target men. Men enjoy the direct approach and eliminate the “foreplay” associated with finding the crucial info they seek. Get to the point and minimize the clicks.

As a general rule of thumb, your surfer should locate their content within three clicks. Anything in excess of that  and you enter the danger zone of surfers becoming frustrated and eventually leaving your escort website.  Another common pitfall is revealing too much information on your site. True, this may be beneficial if you’re using keywords however, all that jargon simple clutters your web page. Consequently, leaving certain bits of information out might prompt surfers to call for more details increasing your chances of more bookings.

Take a load off:
Reduce loading times by using images that load quickly. An escort website with heavy, bulky images buried in html code can greatly hamper your surfers experience.

A clutter free site helps visitors greatly.

A clutter free site helps visitors greatly.

Think light!

Your escorting website is really your first impression. Try using high resolution photos but pay special attention to their size. This is especially problematic for escorts who hotlink to other sites like photobucket.com and other type sites. Occasionally, these sites restrict images involving nudity and ban hotlinking for these purposes.

Got linked?
Take a close look at which sites you’re link to. Go a step further and examine who is linking back to you. You can also help your ranking by using keywords when submitting and exchanging banners with other escorting websites.

Get a makeover.

Ever wonder why Coca Cola launches new ad campaigns despite being in business for over 50 years? Staying fresh and current means being in the minds of their customers. Without new ads or promos, the brand would quickly fade to the back leaving another competitor to step in. That’s one more reason you need to consider a website make over.

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