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Gallery glam for more bookings


Effectively using your escort photo gallery is your way of closing the deal. You must use every promotional tactic available to push your client over the edge and get him or her to pick up the phone or send an email.

Leaving your mark.
Lightly watermarking EVERY one of your photos is your way of leaving your client with a business card. It’s easy for someone to snag one of your photos (even flash based galleries are prone to piracy) It’s no wonder we don’t see more escorts water marking their images. Ensure that all images have your website url, email and phone number if desired. An image with your contact info goes a long way.

Just Hot Blondes gallery

Make a strong impression with captivating galleries

Play the high end for real!
Calling oneself high end, elite or upscale doesn’t work if your gallery is peppered with shots of you sprawled on dirty sheets covering your single bed nested in your grungy bedroom. Good luck seeking  big donations with weak presentations. Don’t go on the cheap – get professional shots. It’s well worth it.

Giving ‘em what they want!
Pay close attention to the order in which your photos are presented to your audience. Dazzle them with the most enticing photographs at the end of your gallery along with your contact info. Think of your gallery as a story. First the eye contact, then the verbal exchange and finally the deal closer. Excite your online visitors. The more photos you have the better. Leave the juicy photos for the end. By then, your clients are hypnotized and ready to dial.

Think outside the box
Don’t be afraid to include candid shots of you- especially outdoor shots. Yes, you’re an escort but adding another dimension to your gallery by including regular girl next door shots doesn’t hurt. Even the elite leave their lavish persona at times. These types of pictures can greatly put a prospective client at ease and may even suggest that you’re approachable. Furthermore, this  gives clients an idea of your sense of fashion for extended, formal or travel intensive bookings.

Be creative with you photographer. They are usually open to new ideas. Try taking glam photos to spice things up. Looking like a model helps.

Mia Leon gallery snapshot

Give your gallery the attention it needs

Blurred to death
Privacy is and always will be an issue among escorts. The worst thing  one can do it spend good money on photos then completely blur their faces beyond recognition. This image looks like something out of a bad Japanese horror flick. Good web designers know this and often use an artificial ray of light positioned on the face to hide ones identity. This works wonders for outdoors shots. Subtle blurs of the face can also render you anonymous. It doesn’t take much to hide your identity. Just do it with taste.

“To Be the Best – You have to work with the Best!
See the Difference High Quality Makes!



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