Is your site mobile phone compatible?


You can thank the iPhone and a host of other mobile appliances with surf friendly interfaces for the popularity of mobile web browsing. Think of the number of visitors and transient tourists making use of their mobile devices. As a result, your marketing efforts should include the creation of a mobile friendly version of your escort website. Many of you may become late adopters of this growing trend. Thankfully, getting an edge in this competitive market doesn’t cost a whole lot. Below are a few vital tips for an effective .mobi escort website.

Mobile site content:
Think of your .mobi escort site as a condensed version of your pre existing website. Basic data such as contact info and photos are needed.

mobi escort website

mobi escort website bring in more calls

Skype + Mobile Devices = $$$
If you’re not using Skype in your arsenal, you’ve failed! Skype is quickly gaining grown in the business community as a valuable tool for keeping in touch for free.  Your mobile phone and skype make the perfect combo. Download skype here for free

Because of the concise and restrictive nature of mobile phones web browsing , choose your keywords wisely.

Once your .mobi site is complete, start submitting to mobile only web directories and watch the traffic role in.

Do the math
You may be fighting it but think about the following. The affordable cost of a  mobile device friendly escort website will be paid off with your first mobile client booking. Subsequent bookings represent pure profit. Smart!

Get your mobile friendly website today
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