Photo Touch Ups: Is It Cheating?

Recently at a daytime luncheon, a colleague brought up the subject of photographic touch ups after pointing out a noticeable botched photoshop model on the front cover of a popular fashion magazine. We then got into a discussion about what constitutes

A discussions about glamor touch ups versus over-exaggeration quickly ensued.

Before, starting my own webdesign firm nearly a decade ago, I had worked with a television set designer who on occasion would take me on set while the production team filmed cereal commercial.

Did you know the milk that is used in a cereal print shot is often times glue? Glue is what keeps the flakes in position therefor allowing consumers to notice the texture, ridges and detailed relief.

Have you ever noticed how wet city streets are in car commercials? Prior to shooting, the production crew pour gallons of water onto the street. During the filming of car commercials, wet streets add depth and contrast to the vehicle as it careens through the urban landscape. This technique is used on several ad campaign and regular movie shots. It really make your subject pop!

All of this carefully prepared staging is done to highlight the specific traits. Is it cheating? Not exactly. It’s an integral part of selling a fantasy. Nearly every product presented to the public has been edited, tweaked or photoshop to a certain degree. It can even be a slight tweak such as enhancing the color balance or contrast of the photo. Typically, this results in a favorable response from consumers.

Over the course of my career, I’ve been known¬† to deliver some wonderful phototouch ups renderings. I’ve had the pleasure of editing photographs containing celebrities, brides, companions and even well known products from corporate America.


In an effort to preserve confidentiality, I can attest to the fact that many successful companions take full advantage of the technology available and my photo editing skill set.
Concerning companions, here are typical photoshop requests.


-Fuller Lips
-Smoother looking skin

-Rounder bum

-Perkier breasts

-Tattoo and scar removal

-Taming skin blemishes

-Thinner waistline

-Reduce the look of bloating

-Changing hair color

-Completely removing stretch marks

-Give the illusion of smaller looking feet

-Color correction and editing contrast settings

These slight modifications greatly enhance your best features. Of course, not every companion requires all of the above however, subtle edits make a world of difference that translate to more bookings, compliments and emails in your inbox from potential clients.

If you’ve never gone under the digital knife before, here’s your chance.

I’ll be accepting and editing the first 100 photographs requests sent to

Only one photograph per *new applicant (* this offer does not apply to existing or past clients).

Let’s see what the new you looks like!


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