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Branding Ming Starr

Branding your way to a $500 000 a year income

Do you know your yearly income? Many independent escorts enjoy a healthy 6 figure annual income and rightfully so as I’ve assisted companions in achieving $9500-$10 000 per week. How? BRANDING: Branding is powerful. Branding involves creating a strong and recognizable identity clients learn to trust, embrace and acknowledge. It builds meaningful relationships between a […]


Photo Touch Ups: Is It Cheating?

Recently at a daytime luncheon, a colleague brought up the subject of photographic touch ups after pointing out a noticeable botched photoshop model on the front cover of a popular fashion magazine. We then got into a discussion about what constitutes A discussions about glamor touch ups versus over-exaggeration quickly ensued. Before, starting my own […]


The Power Of The Online Makeover

“Before, I’d average 4 calls a day and hustled my butt off to make ends meet. Now,  since my massive online makeover, I get more calls than I can manage, earn a higher donation and work only 2 days a week!” Every month, an email such as this one lands in my inbox from a […]