” MJ has been my web designer/manager to my Independent Escort business for many years now. I have drove her crazy at times with my numerous emails on how I wanted everything to be, picture editing, changing my mind on ideas of designs, changing phone numbers, adding of new pictures, etc. But she still put up with me! She is, by far the most AMAZING web designer I have ever met. She has an awesome and very positive attitude about everything. She always looks out for her clients best interest and puts you first. I would not be where I am today in my business as a Independent SP without MJ. She has brought me great success and clientele.  I couldnt be more satisfied. THANK YOU MJ !  ”
xx Ming Starr MingStarr.com
 “Being brand new to the huge Independent Escort scene In Vancouver B.C.  Not knowing where to start. Mj was awesome, and super helpful from the beginning; She always kept a positive attitude, and had a way of knowing Just what to do! She 1st referred me to a great photographer; everything was always friendly, and professional, On both ends!  Through the whole process !AND A BONUS  –  I always new what was going on, somehow, Through a few emails back and forth, she created a beautiful classy website, That I couldn’t be happier with! I would definitely recommend P100 To anybody who needed  Anything unique & classy!”
Justine VIPBlondeBombshell.com
 “MJ, at P100.ca, has been my web designer for a few years now.  If my site, www.ts-sunshine.ca,  isn’t enough proof of her talents, I don’t think anything will convince you.MJ has great taste and an artistic flair above the norm.
She is extremely talented with photoshop as well as with a variety of other related tech.  Explain your project to her in plain terms and she’ll create it.  The end result will exceed your expectations.  I’m a fan and a loyal customer.Want a great website?  Get MJ to develop it.  You’ll be glad you did.  She’s a nice person, easy to talk to, professional in her representation of you, and beyond reproach when it comes to the final product.  ”
N.E. Calgary
 “We recently had our Los Angeles Escort Agency Website
( www.RealEntEscorts.com ) completed by P100 . I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs a professional top quality website, no matter what the complexity.M.J created EXACTLY what I wanted for our new website and more! It is now polished and projects the image we want our company to convey.M.J was a real pleasure to work with on the design of my website. She was very knowledgeable and helpful with different ideas to make our site the most effective it could be. I am extremely pleased with how it turned out, and the process of getting there was a breeze with M.J’s help.I would put our site up against any of our competitor’s, and I would also feel safe to say that it was probably done much more cost effectively.I found M.J to not only be helpful in the creation of my website, but also reliable and fast.
In our business, a promotion idea may have only a small window of opportunity, and it is nice to know that M.J not only a fantastic web designer but is also a consultant who has quick answers and quick results for me. And we got all of this at a very reasonable and fair price.
Thanks again MJ & the P100 Team”
Real Entertainment – Los Angeles Escort Agency
 “Everyone has the same goal – to become the best in the business whatever he does.
We knew, the first step to reach our target, depended a lot on representation, what people see at first( first impression) does influence their decision the most. It determines our place in the industry.
So, to find the best escort website design company was quite an important step at the beginning.
We knew, we needed more then just an expert, we needed the best one,
someone broad-minded, flexible, with a trendy style and artistic touch.
Also we wanted to come to the European market with a unique website ,to show up with something fresh, something trendy ,high end and new in Europe.The only thing we can say is that we are extremely happy and proud to own such a beautiful and unique website (www.A-BabeEscorts.com ) designed by Photography 100. They always follow  the latest design trends and make it easy to create the website of your dreams.
They also give you plenty of information and  are always ready to help and provide information.
Another big plus – they are always ready to give you support if you’re stuck at some point.We think that, the way they make it so easy to work together with their clients makes it even easier for the business owner to make a decision and keep working with them in the future.
Thank you Photography 100  !!!
Great job. ”
A Babe Escorts – Europe
 “To be the best, you have to work with the best. So, I spent countless hours reviewing websites in search of the best escort website designer. The sites designed by Photography100 were clearly unsurpassed. Any concerns I may have had about whether a designer with so much obvious artistic talent would be easy to work with were put to bed immediately!Photography100 was brillant to work with and exceeded my expectations in every way!I came to Photography 100 with my photos and no real concept of what I wanted, except that I wanted my site to be classy and express how much I enjoy different people. The inspired design compliments my photos and reflects my personality beautifully.I was incredibly impressed that MJ of Photography100 made such meticulous notes when we chatted that every single detail we discussed was promptly handled to my complete satisfaction. She is a rare blend of artistic talent and true professionalism.Photography100’s extensive knowledge of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) was so expertly applied to my website www.Kamloops-Escort.com that it started coming up on the first page of Google for my desired keywords almost immediately. WOW!I can`t wait to work with Photography100 again when I expand my little escort site: with my travelling and touring information, and with another Photo Gallery! I have complete confidence that any photographer suggested by Photography100 would be the best in the industry.Photography100 deserves every single rave review they have ever received! ”
Kamloops Viv
 ” Photography 100 has provided us with banners and other art for our Vancouver Adult Guide which features Vancouver Escorts, Massage, Strip Clubs and more. MJ’s work is original, very sexy and very fast! She is always available for revisions and the turn around time is almost immediate. MJ’s work can also be seen in our Vancouver escort directory as many of our advertisers use her for their banners and websites. We are happy to recommend Photography100 for any escort or adult entertainment web design work. ”
Rob W. – Downtown Vancouver Directory
 “Photography 100 have provided the brilliant visual appearance of EscortMe.com an Escort Directory with Escorts and Massage listings, also erotic entertainers, including contact information for escorts, massage, bdsm, exotic dancers, nightlife, strippers, and much more!
I have limited artistic skill so left the whole design up to them. The site was done quickly and looks great, as do all the additional graphics and banners requested. Photography100 will always put something new and fresh together and will go out of their way to meet your time frames.”
D. – EscortMe.com
 ” Upon entering the Adult Business as an Independent Escort in Vancouver, I was in search for an escort web designer & photographer. I had taken a photo shoot with photography100 and was amazed with the quality and time put in from their entire staff to cater to all my needs and time constraints. When it came to creating my escort website I found it an easy choice to go with them after their quality of service of my photo shoot and obviously their perfect track record in this business.From planning my clothing for my photo shoot, to color selection and selection of my domain – Photography100 kept my best interests in mind and helped me go about achieving my dream website. Photography100 was always there for me and listened to what I needed and wanted before starting the project. We created an individual package to specifically cater to my needs and I can proudly say photography100 went over any expectation I had before.
On a daily basis I was updated and asked of my opinion on the work that went into my website. They gave me great customer service, quality and discretion; with lots of patience on their side my website was created the way I was promised.
I cannot even give enough thanks to Photography100 and their team for helping me get the website of my dreams! I would recommend anyone in this business to Photography100 as their service is not only second to none but always in your best interest. ”
 ” My name is Lady Via, and I’m an independent elite courtesan based in the heart of Vancouver. I have known and worked with photography 100 for nearly ten years now, and can honestly say that this company has been a complete joy to work with. Photography 100  exudes dynamic artistic abilities, as well as true professionalism, and a pure passion for their work, which I can only describe as art. Weather its flash banners, graphic design, photography or web design, there is no other company I would recommend more, and no other company I would prefer to work with .In terms of photography and photo shoots, I have had more than ten done with this company so far, with plenty more to come. These photo shoots have had a wide range of different styles from ; classical black and whites, sexy sultry poses, domestic family shots, as well as many improvised masterpieces. Having a keen eye for body lines, great poses and capturing something a little bit different, is what makes photography 100 stand aside from many other companies. !When it comes to videos, I have done a few short ones so far, and very much look forward to working on lots more in the future.  The people in this company are great with communicating and relaxing you when shooting videos, as they only have your best interest in mind,., and they know how to relax you as well as help you bring  your inner  sparks out even if you are a shy person.. The people in this company are very down to earth and easy to get alone with .Lastly for web design and banners I could go on forever.. really I could. Photography 100 is absolutely amazing.. They have re done my site a few times so far, and each time with a completely  different look. I have received nothing from praises and compliments on my site from people who browse though it, so I am a very satisfied customer.For artistic design, with my first site I did not have a vision of what would work, or how I could make my site reflect myself, as well as the image I waned to portray, so basically I came to the company with out any of my own ideas.  I said your work is amazing M.J  and I trust you ( M.J one of the owners) ! We’ve had many conversations and she came up with a beautiful, uniquely  designed website for me. After some time I began to have my own ideas and more of an opinion as to things that I wanted on the site, and what not.. basically things and images that I wanted to add to the site, additions to the the site. When it came to my opinions and my own vision ,I had no problem communicating this with her, it was actually very easy, fun .. and very self rewarding.  Together my visions have come true over and over again along with her own.All in all the people who run photography 100 are excellent people to talk to when you need any advice, and looking at my own site as well as any other sites they had built.. along with all the pictures that they have taken,,, not to forget all the other  graphics they have done its easy to see that they  do amazing work. Like I said before weather its web design, flash banners or animated banners, or photography, this company has everything.”
Sincerely Lady Via
 ” Thank you so much for your help. My latest photoshoot done by Photography100 propelled my business into the stratosphere.
Now I am solid booked and can’t keep up with the demand.
I never thought my email inbox and phone would see this much activity from new clients.
Your work has made me an elite SP and now I am able to charge higher prices for my services.
I value your work and noticed an immediate difference once the photoshoot and website were completed and revealed to the world!
Awesome work! ”
 ” After month’s of searching for the Perfect webdesigner for my escort website,
I came across Photography 100.There are NO words to describe MJ’s Professionalism, Dedication, Promptness, Availability to assist you, Kindness, & Outstanding Character!Most of all, as promised,Photography 100 designed my website 100% Authentic & Original.KiaraRose.com fit EXACTLY what I had asked for.Constantly people are contacting me with Compliments on how Upscale & Classy my website looks.When one wants to acquire Success in the escort business,
Photography 100 will make it ALL happen through your website. ”
Kiara Rose
 ” Photography 100’s understanding of the adult entertainment industry particularly the ‘escorting’ area has proved to be invaluable.They were able to create a look, brand and idea that were uniquely suited to our business and as a result our website, banners and business cards have been a huge success!I have received dozens of accolades with respect to the website and banners but the increase in sales has been the real indicator of Photography 100’s talents.Photography 100’s monthly maintenance I find to be second to none. They are almost instantly on top of whatever changes/additions are required because they have the understanding and respect for the fact that ‘time is money’.Bright, brilliant, reliable and efficient… Photography 100 has it all! ”
 ” These days, in any business, you just don’t exist without a website.
I was fortunate enough to hook up with Photography 100 who have given
me my own personalized web presence. Photography 100 caters to me
specifically and attends to any requests for image and text updates pronto as well
as coming up with great ideas I never would have thought of.
Thanks Photography 100! Congratulations on being the best erotic,escort web site
builder and photographer around and here’s to our continued success! ”
Heather Honey
 ” Her talent and creativity are matched only by her promptness and professionalism.MJ sets the bar so high I doubt she will ever be
matched or surpassed. ”
Classy Angel
 ” Photography 100 did a great job on my website, not only that she did it
quickly and for a more than reasonable price! She was super creative
with the details, even adding hawaiian flower cause she read I had hawaiian in me.
Im so happy with her work and she always fixes things and does changes right away.”
Mia Lay
 ” After noticing the distinctive work of Photography 100 all over the internet .. I decided to inquire.
I am very glad i did. Words cant explain how happy i am with the finished product.
It is exactly what i asked for. Classy, Elegant, and informative.
Photography 100 pays close attention to your likes and dislikes.
Always there to answer silly and serious quesions… Id want no other webmaster.
Thanks again for all your hard work I look forward to working with you in the future.”
Kylee Smith
 ” I used Photography 100 for my personal escort site and since the site went up,
I have had tons of compliments on how professional it looks, and since puttng up the site,
I was booked solid for months followowing.
clients were pleased with the picture and the video that Photography100 did for me.
I also was given a professional email for the sites onlookers to reply to, and that helped too.
THe site was professional, and exactly what I wanted.
I have recommended the sites designer to some friends of mine and they have
been blown away by the work that they have recieved so far.”
Cute Kimmy
 ” I first found Photography 100 when I posted a 411 looking for someone to do a video for me. Within the week I travelled to them.A year ago we spoke about the vision Photography100 had.
Creating & maintaining upscale escort websites & internet marketing:
websites, videos, banners, etc.. for adult entertainers.The industry is a better place with the presence of such talent & reliability.
It is extremely difficult to find good help with that level of professionalism in this business, thanks a million.”
Natural Beauty Gina
 ” I worked with Photography100 for a year and everything was done in a very professional manner.
MJ was very creative and talented both as a photographer and a website designer.
She knew how to attract clientle and how to represent beauty with graphic designs and words.
I enjoyed working with her because she was also a very enthusiastic, friendly and down to earth person.
I definietly would love to work with her again. :)
Exotic Gin


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