The Power Of The Online Makeover

“Before, I’d average 4 calls a day and hustled my butt off to make ends meet. Now,  since my massive online makeover, I get more calls than I can manage, earn a higher donation and work only 2 days a week!”

Every month, an email such as this one lands in my inbox from a satisfied customer. Seriously.
The power of marketing and branding is the reason why smart independent escorts and agencies work less, get more calls and generally cater to a more upscale crop of clients.

It’s all in the packaging.
I’ve said this many times in the past.
Stellar marketing and webdesign lets unknown independent escort blow away well established competitors.
Managing and updating your independent escort/agency website is a crucial part of setting the tone for what type of companion you are and what services you’re providing. A website may also highlight etiquette protocols, wishlists suggestions and codes of conduct when trying to contact you.
Furthermore cohesive branding strategies reaffirm your level of commitment to clients. This means bridging together all social media tools (Your Website, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc) and any additional print publications you regularly use.

Creatures of habit.
Why do companies spend a fortune on logos? – Copyrighting intellectual property is a huge business and corporations go through great lengths to keep their brand alive and well. Companies strive for cohesion. In a hostile marketplace, customers rely on brand recognition throughout the decision making process.
When faced with several options, customers find comfort in what is familiar. When shopping, customers tend to play it safe.  Keeping your image consistent throughout your marketing efforts draws more attention to your brand while setting you apart from the rest.

Cream of the crop
A well structured independent escort website or agency website puts you in touch with customers seeking information on what you have to offer. Typically, customers who pay particular attention to your level of involvement when running your business seek to develop lasting relationships. Should these customers have pleasant experiences with you, bonds develop and repeat business occurs.

Spend time living not hustling
With a wider net cast and the ability to enjoy repeat business from trusted clients, comes the chance to pursue other ventures.  I’m pleased when an independent escort notifies me she is pursuing a variety of business ventures while maintaining a healthy income and extra free time.  Having a new online makeover complete with a website, facebook and twitter branding automatically translates to a high pay rate. Now who wouldn’t want an instant raise?
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